Sunday, May 1, 2011

Term 2 start date: May 13

Hi everyone:
Yes, I'm still very connected with Morningsong while this transition occurs.

Apologies for not getting this info out to everyone earlier but I temporarily lost my blog password, my head and everything else in the move. My piano has disappeared into the ether but we hope to be reunited one day.

The first day back for you all this next term is Friday May 13. However, if you would like to join in the sing/welcome back/rehearsal for CD this Friday at Madeleine's in Bulimba, contact Mal for details: mallloyd (at)

The times and place for the CD recording is still the same - Sunday May 15. I'll be there around 8 am and hope to see everyone between 8- 9 for rehearsal starting at 9 and we start recording at 10 for an hour. Nicole is planning to be there. If anyone has a good place for a post-recording coffee in the UQ area please sing out. And if you didn't get the maps to UQ also please let me know.

See you in a couple of weeks,

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