Saturday, September 20, 2014

Term Four starts on October 10

We've had a marvellous Term 3, singing up a storm and travelling the world in song. We are singing Mo Li Hua in Chinese, Quel Mazzolin Di Fiori in Italian and Lepi Juro in Croatian, as well as the delicious challenge of California Dreaming in four parts (that one's in English).

Join us for the new term starting on Friday 10 October, for lots of short songs, fun rounds, vocal games and beautiful songs in two, three and four parts.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Morningsong sings again from Friday 7 February!

Come along and enjoy the joys of a Friday morning singing experience - we're singing again from Friday 7 February, 2014.

Morningsong is all about singing for fun. We do lots of short songs, we work in small sections on longer songs over a few weeks, and we do warmups, and fun singing games. Halfway through the two hours we stop for a quick cuppa and a chat.

The first term of 2014 will be 10 weeks long, finishing on April 11. If you've never been to the choir before, your first visit is free. You can attend casually for $10 per Friday (concessional rate) or $15 (full price). Yes, the full price has gone up a bit this year, but the concessional rate hasn't changed. If you would like to pay for the whole term it is $100.

Many choir members go out for lunch in Bulimba after choir, and you are invited to join them.

Experience songs from many cultures, and make friends at Morningsong.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Welcome to the warmer weather and a chance to sing for fun!

Morningsong's new term starts on Friday 28 September, and runs for ten weeks, until November 30. Everyone is welcome, so do mention it to anyone you know who needs a bit of singing! I have attached a flyer at the end of this email in case you would like to forward it to them.

There are some exciting events coming up this term: Saturday 3 November is Peer Sing, the annual get-together of Brisbane community choirs, at the West End State School. Each choir sings two of its songs to an audience comprised of all the other choirs, and we learn a piece on the spot and perform it together. Its a great chance to catch up with what other choirs are doing and meet people, and only costs a gold coin. More details as they come to hand (next week). I'm also creating some practice mp3s for our Peer Sing songs so you can practise in the car!

Saturday 24 November is our Morningsong Christmas Party at the Bulimba Senior Citizens' Hall. It will be a bring-a-plate feast, and a short concert of our favourite songs from this year, put on for our family and friends. I'll be emailing out an invitation with all the details early in the term so you can invite everyone you'd love to be there.

Saturday 1 December (I think) we have been invited to sing at the "turning on of the Christmas lights" at Bulimba Uniting Church, where we normally meet on Fridays. We will have one performance piece for this show (probably something yummy and African), and we'll learn a few of the standard Christmas carols too, which the Reverend Rod informs me will be sung with the church band and all the available voices, with drums, keyboard, guitar and possibly brass, as well as music kids from the local school..... this should be loads of fun!! And loud. Silent Night is definitely on the list.

See you in a week for a stimulating season of singing! John will be joining us for the first three weeks of the term before he heads off to Sydney, so we will have a sendoff for him on Friday 12 October. Its all happening!



Friday, November 4, 2011

A Beautiful Day At Peersing

Last Saturday saw Morningsong perform as part of Peersing, the annual gathering of community choirs in Brisbane.

It was a great day of music and our crew performed brilliantly.

Thanks to Mal Lloyd for having the presence of mind to have his recorder on hand.   Here's how we sounded from the second row:

Chi Mi Na Morbheanna/Hush, hush
(Scots Gaelic traditional, Jim McLean/arranged Nicole Murray)

Non-flash audio for iPhone, iPad etc

Right-click to download

Vuma Traditional African/arranged Beat Lehmann

Non-flash audio for iPhone, iPad etc

Right-click to download

Quest Newspapers - Great Morningsong Photos

Quest Newspapers in Brisbane are doing a story on the choir and so last Friday, Richard came along to take some pix.  The gallery of photos has been posted here.

Some great shots!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Update from NSW

Hello again!

In answer to some emails and a comment from Ros just posted - and because Blog Technology has so baffled me that I can't answer on my own blog (the messages just go Phhhff! ) no I haven't started a new choir yet. And yes - my email and mobile are still the same and I love hearing news from QLD.

Starting a new choir is a tricky business - I have spent months scouting out the various existing choirs and developing graphs of their various styles and meeting times so that I don't tread on any toes and ruffle feathers. But most of the geographical areas close to me already have a choir similiar to Morningsong. I went to a concert one choir gave on Sunday and every single song they sang was straight out of Morningsong's repertoire.

In the one area where there is a gap which could do with a community choir, there is not a venue in sight. Well - maybe the surf life saving club.

However, the one thing which is different here is the age of the singers. Where the Brisbane groups (and the Melbourne groups) have quite a range from young to old, here they seem to be grouped according to age - and the presumption is that if you are on the older side - you won't want to sing anything adventurous.

I got that first hand. Missing singing very much I rang two groups to see if I could just join. Not only could I not join because I had missed some kind of enrolment cutoff - after some not so discrete questioning by both groups it was found that I was on the wrong side of 50 and "we have enough older singers" . WHOA.

So - at least I have a niche if I can find a venue. It's for those people who just want to sing now and don't want a demeaning quizz about their age.

Keep in touch - and I'll let you know if and when I have a new group. It would be wonderful to do what they do in the UK and Europe which is develop networks of 3-4 choirs. They go visiting each other, hosted by choir members, and have little mini-festivals for weekends where they sing and eat, eat and sing. Hey, sounds like Morningsong!

Cheers and love