Our Choir Directors

Nicole Murray

Nicole is a full time musician and visual artist. Her long musical and performing career has seen her in many different bands and ensembles in Townsville, Melbourne and Brisbane. A multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, she has concentrated on trad music, harmony work and song writing. Nicole plays flute, tin whistle and guitar and violin, and is an accomplished writer of songs and flute tunes. 

A passionate and thoughtful teacher (B.Ed), Nicole has a joyful enthusiasm fro encouraging others to develop their vocal, musical and performance skills.

John Thompson

John's earliest musical memories are of sing-alongs around the family piano. In 1975, John joined the St. Stephen's Cathedral Boys' Choir in Brisbane, and developed a love of harmony singing and unaccompanied vocals. Via a series of Brisbane folk bands and a stint in the Townsville folk scene, John developed his trademark vocal style, and continued to perform at festivals around Australia. John performs as a debater, master of ceremonies, singer, songwriter and parodist and plays the guitar, English concertina and whistle.

A barrister in a (recent) past life, John has an exquisite understanding of the tension between artist and "day job" and how to nurture each to benefit both.

What Others Say....

"...I was impressed by the meticulous preparation!"

"... the singing was like a shaft of sunlight through the grey clouds"