Monday, May 16, 2011

CD recording

Wow - what a fabulous day.

We don't really know what our contribution to the CD will sound like but it sure was fun doing it. For those who couldn't come we sang three songs; Thuma Mina, Thula Sizwe and Aya Ngena and the recording engineer/director Simon, will decide what to use.

Nicole, John or I will let you know when the CD's have been made and what the procedure is for ordering them - and anything else to do with the project.

Thanks to all for coming and singing so enthusiastically. And the lunch afterwards at Bar Merlo in that gorgeous courtyard was a great finishing touch to a memorable day. But then we've always been a lunchy kind of group. Perhaps my next choir should be held in a cafe.

This is probably my second to last post to this blog. John and Nicole are pretty ready now to do all the communication to keep things running smoothly so we hope you have found the transition nice and eeeesy. There are still a few things to go like changing the website but we'll get there. No hurries no worries.


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  1. It was a beautiful day Jane - though tinged with sadness ... Good luck with your HUGE renovation project and hope your next choir gets going soon - so good for the spirit.