Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Can you help with hosting a choir?

Hi everyone -
Here is an urgent request from Ian Maurer from the Brisbane Concert Choir who is in turn sending on a request from ANCA, Australian National Choral Association.

If you think you can help please contact him at the number below.

I would like to add that hosting musicians from other countries is rather fun!

From Ian:

Hi Jane,

We have an urgent request from Janet Wyvill of ANCA, the Australian National Choral Association, looking for billets for a visiting US college choir, the Mt San Antonio Chamber Choir.

The choir has won numerous awards and is well worth hearing even if you are not able to help with the billeting.

There are 40 young adults to be found homes for, in groups of 2 males or 2 females.

They are self-sufficient and will have their time fully occupied while in Brisbane so they don't have time to be entertained during the day.

The nights they need a bed for are July 11, 12 and 13 (Sunday night to Tuesday night). They fly home on Wednesday morning.

There are some more details to be found on the billeting form here:

If you want to hear them or see the typical age, check out YouTube and search for Mt SAC Chamber Singers. One link is here:

The college website is here:

Our choir has been able to host some choristers but there are still quite a few in need of somewhere to stay. All pickups and dropoffs are close to the centre of the city.

If you are able to help out, or need further information, please reply directly to Janet Wyvill on or telephone 0410 692 844, including the Brisbane Concert Choir members who have already volunteered.

They are offering free tickets to their concert for hosting families.


Ian Maurer
Brisbane Concert Choir
3369 4866

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