Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dates + Park Bench Chorale for summer singing

Summer break dates

Moresong: Last sing Wednesday December 2
Morningsong: Last sing Friday December 11
Vision In Voice: Last sing Thursday December 17

Park Bench Chorale
For those who will be suffering singing withdrawal symptoms over the summer break, the Park Bench Chorale will be starting up as soon as Morningsong finishes, organised by Marie McHugh, Chief Sufferer.
Marie is distributing a flier about the time (same as Morningsong) and location (grass - Morningside Park) and philosophy (fun).

2010 dates

Vision In Voice: Thursday January 28
Morningsong: Friday January 22
Moresong: to be decided

***This is an edit:please note that VIV is now Jan. 28 not the 7th as originally scheduled.

Don't forget - Vision In Voice is open to sighted singers as well. We sing a similiar kind of repertoire to Morningsong but not all songs are the same. It's free to all singers.


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  1. Thanks Marie for organising this!

    See you ther,